Today’s world is increasingly connected.
Financial matters are no different.

At Daniels + Tansey, we integrate financial advisory, tax, and investment management services.
It's our ensemble approach, and it's a one-stop solution for your wealth management needs.

Core Offerings

Annual Returns

Financial Statement Compilations

Financial Statement Attestations

Strategic Business Planning

There are countless CPA firms to choose from, all of which are capable of preparing a tax return or compiling a financial statement. If you only use a tax professional at year-end, which one you choose will likely have little consequence . . . but this approach comes at a cost.

Tax planning should be proactive (to realize savings), not reactionary (which leads to missed opportunities).

That’s what we provide at Daniels + Tansey. Our tax group is embedded into our ensemble team, working closely with our financial planners to maximize clients’ post-tax income and preserve wealth over time. These are on-going efforts, not just an end-of-year exercise.

To learn more about our tax services, whether stand-alone or as part of the integrated ensemble, please call or contact us using the button below.

* While tax planning and annual returns are prepared by Daniels + Tansey, compilation and attestation of financial statements is performed by Ann Taylor Tansey & Co., an affiliated CPA firm. 

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