Today’s world is increasingly connected. 
Financial matters are no different.

At Daniels + Tansey, we integrate financial advisory, tax, and investment management services.
It's our ensemble approach, and it's a one-stop solution for your wealth management needs.

Core Offerings

Portfolio Management

Risk Management (i.e., insurance)

Fixed Income

Investment Consulting

With 60+ years of combined investment experience, we deliver institutional-quality service.

As an independent advisor (no bank or broker-dealer affiliation), our decisions are made only with our clients' best interests in mind.

We follow a proven, intentional portfolio construction process: holdings are modeled based off of asset allocation or fixed income strategies, each of which can be customized to meet a client’s liquidity needs, income / return requirements, time horizon, gain / loss restrictions and tax considerations. All of these are designed to provide a diversified portfolio solution within a defined risk objective.

How does portfolio management tie into financial planning?

Investment planning is part of a comprehensive financial plan. Done right, it's the start of an investor profile, and includes size, objectives, risk tolerance, constraints. Once a portfolio is active, its gains / losses can affect cash flow, and taxes need to be accounted for.

Financial planning, investment planning, and tax planning are a continuous loop. The benefit of financial planning, tax, and investment professionals working together never ends.

Investment Consulting

Some of our clients join us with existing advisor relationships, or manage an account on their own.

While we feel that our value to clients is maximized by employing the ensemble team in its entirety – advisory, tax, and investment management – we certainly understand that client needs vary.

If and when this is the case, Daniels + Tansey can provide any combination of independent services: performance review, strategic consultation, and custom reporting. We have found these engagements to be of direct benefit to clients’ investments, and are also an opportunity to link investment decisions to their financial plan.

To learn more about our investment services, whether stand-alone or as part of the integrated ensemble, please call or contact us using the button below.

* While investment planning is provided by Daniels + Tansey as part of most financial planning engagements, portfolio management (and security selection) is administered through DT Investment Partners, an affiliated sub-advisor.

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