Today’s world is increasingly connected.
Financial matters are no different.

At Daniels + Tansey, we integrate financial advisory, tax, and investment management services.
It's our ensemble approach, and it's a one-stop solution for your wealth management needs.

Core Offerings

Financial Planning

Risk Management (i.e., insurance)

Cashflow Management

Tax Planning

Investment Planning

Estate Planning

Family Office

Matrimonial Services

Daniels + Tansey, first and still foremost, is an advisory firm.

Comprehensive financial planning – risk management, cashflow management, tax planning, investment planning, and estate planning – is our bedrock.

We’ve grown to become an ‘ensemble’ in order to best serve our clients, and we will continue to innovate going forward.

One thing will never change, however, and that’s our commitment to you.

Financial Planning

Every client is different. Earning potential, net worth, liabilities, risk profiles, goals – all may vary.

At Daniels + Tansey, we take time to learn about your unique needs and requirements. With a clear understanding of those facts, we set out to define a comprehensive plan with actionable recommendations for each step. We monitor progress, present alternatives as they’re identified, and adjust as needed. We try to phase activities within an optimal timeframe, but only implement them with our client’s consent.

Planning engagements take commitment from both the advisor and the client; it’s a partnership over time.

Our firm was founded on precisely that value: commitment.

Family Office

Daniels + Tansey serves as a family office for a select group of clients. This puts us in a CFO-like position, responsible for both long-term wealth strategy and day-to-day administration. Our team has 15+ years of valuable experience in this capacity.

Services beyond financial advisory, tax planning, and investment management include: bookkeeping, alternative investment advisor selection, investment performance monitoring across multiple firms, portfolio accounting, financial reporting, philanthropy management, concierge services, as well as data and document management.

Matrimonial Services

Our firm is extremely sensitive to the private and personal challenges that face clients who are going through a divorce. We empathize with our clients and understand the difficult decisions that have already been made, and will need to be made in the future.

Given the impact divorce can have on a family’s financial position, it’s critically important that clients understand the long-term implications of settlement alternatives. That's where we bring clarity.

Our certified professionals (CDFAs) have 20+ years of experience helping attorneys to reach equitable terms without litigation. Available services include: financial education, divorce settlement projections, standard of living during marriage, post-divorce financial planning and re-marriage planning. 

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