New Beginnings

For 35 years, I've urged clients to view change not as an end to something old, but as a beginning to something new.

No doubt, Daniels + Tansey is entering a period of change. We've welcomed several new hires, refreshed our marketing efforts and are committing more to internal management. We'll always maintain a 'small firm' feel and nothing will ever change our relationship with you . . . but, still, it's a change for us on the ground. It feels like the start of our next chapter . . . it's an exciting time for us and I share a confidence with the Partners for what lies ahead.

It also feels like the start of a personal transition . . . and, as I've encouraged others, I'm going to embrace this change. It seems only fitting that this blog start with a self-realization, or at least with my advice coming full-circle back to me.

I don't know where this blog will lead . . . I hope it becomes a resource for financial literacy and empowerment, but a lot remains TBD. We'll publish more 'content heavy' material as we go, but I also want to maintain it as a personal forum, highlighting and addressing the emotional aspects of financial decisions.

Whatever comes from it, I'm having fun.