Always Curious

"You can't teach an old dog new tricks" . . . but what if the dog doesn't pay attention to its age? Who tells the dog how old he or she is, anyway?

I was recently visiting a client in Florida. She's a dear friend, really. She's in her 90s and living life to its fullest. She just bought a new car and was more than happy to drive us to lunch. She reminds me of Kit's mom, Marion, in a lot of ways. Marion is 96 and can reset her own WiFi. We just set her up with Skype; she hardly needed a lesson.

What amazes me is how both women want to continue learning. It seems like the definition of living: to never give up the desire to experience new things. Their aches and pains can slow them down physically, but they find ways to stay mentally sharp. It's hard to fathom how much they've seen in their lifetimes, yet they embrace change at every turn. I have to believe it's contributed to their overall health.

Always be curious - that's something I take from these two women. It doesn't have to be a new gadget (I hope), it just has to use your brain. I'll commit to that for the rest of my life . . . and, as I come across tips and tricks having to do with personal finance, I'll post them here. We'll continue to learn together.