DeVon’s First Post

My name is DeVon Williams Daniels. I'm a wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, sister and friend . . . as well as a financial advisor with 35+ years of experience. I have a small handful of professional credentials and have helped grow Daniels + Tansey into a premier wealth management firm. Still, somehow, there’s a part of me that I just haven’t gotten around to, precisely because of commitments elsewhere and partly for fear of the unknown.

I want to educate, empower and inspire more broadly than I’ve done as a financial advisor. My writings here will mark this attempt. It’s something new, but not separate. I’ll continue to lead Daniels + Tansey and, of course, want nothing to change with personal relationships . . . this will simply be a parallel chapter.

I expect to focus on financial matters, speaking to topics and providing tips that I’ve found most useful to clients. It will be a forum for my thoughts, whatever they’re worth.

I hope it becomes a useful resource. But, as I admit, I’m new to this . . . please bear with me.